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Cheb's Game Engine Quake II facelift
Штошник на ушах


Project CGE (Cheb's Game Engine)

Download the test versions

# 12

05.08.2006 - test of persistency system.

Download: 7-Zip (738K) ZIP (908K)

- Saves and Loads a complex structure of cross-linked objects.
- Checks the data structure and converts into current format if changed.
- Autosaves at exit, the scene continues from the same place next time you start CGE.
- Reloads and restarts the recompiled module without restarting the scene.

NOTE: for this test, the default language is set to Russian. Edit the corresponding lines in the cge.ini file if you want the messages to be in English.

# 11

01.06.2006 - test of basic engine functionality.

Download: 7-Zip (464K) ZIP (538K)

- Successfully starts up and initializes.
- Loads LibPng and uses it to load textures.
- The module uses "containers" feature of the engine.
- Reloads and restarts the recompiled module without reloading resources.


Unfortunately, the sources for that stage were lost short after I removed it from the download (temporarily, as I thought then).

03.06.2003 - a test of self-compiling and attaching
requires FreePascal 1.1

Oh, yeah... Rotating cube is back... But internal structure of engine is totally different now. Now it is possible to change the code without re-starting and re-loading resources, and soon engine will include simple IDE for code editing. Hit spacebar to re-compile code that draws the cube (Of course, if you don't have FPC 1.1 installed to c:\pp\ folder, program will die with scream "compiler not found")

To build it, run cgebuild.bad twice (there is a bug in FreePascal compiler 1.1 that misfunctions when it needs to re-build many units at once)


(this crap is history, though you may download it "for education purpose")

13.01.2003 - a test of animation scripts

Unfortunately, the sources are lost. Compiled in Delphi (it was before I moved to FPC).

Download: 7-Zip (967K) ZIP (1452K)