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Cheb's Game Engine Quake II facelift
Штошник на ушах


My first game-making attempt, Rave-3d (1995..1998)

What would that be

Such a crazy FPS with slihtly complicated physics, absolutely mad storyline, monsters and weapons and  significant amount of porn.

MS-DOS, 320x200, sprites and only sprites...

Why did I abandon it

1. There was no artist to draw herds of monster sprites (making monsters in times of Doom and DukeNukem was a very hard and boring job if you hadn't a video capture hardware to work with clay models as id artists did)
2. Platform limitations were just scary (MS-DOS real mode with only 640K of base memory, and all data structures limited to 64 kilobytes) Brrr...
3. Lack of level editor - the initial decision to encode object types and parameters as adjacent pixels colors in 256-color PCXs allowed quick start, but later it turned level editing and correcting into HELL.

Why can't you download and play it

It's simple: copyright violations are just scary. Many sprites are boldly pirated from various well-known games (from Doom, mostly)...
What to say for my justification?.. This project is history, it is abandoned years ago. When I maked it, "Copyright" still was a very abstract term, slowly coming to life after more than 70 years of non-existence (as you know, there in USSR were no such weird things as "copyright", "private property" and "human rights", so when USSR collapsed and the wild capitalism arisen from its corpse, all these terms were very new and unfamilliar to us, Russians). If I would make this game today, I would never use any plundered graphics, especially from such a respectable company as id Software.
...Oh yes, there is even one big and serious gaming company in Ukraine who now hold theri first mega-hit hidden from public as if it never existed - because it's "King's Bounty 2" - a sequel to "King's Bounty" created without any license or permission... So, I'm not alone in this, he-he...

Video clips

Please note: the AVI's quality is quite poor. I don't know a way to perform the video capture from an MS-DOS app, so I just set the TV-out as "primary monitor", wrote entire thing to the VHS video tape, and later captured back. Need I say, how "quality" this video source is, especially taking into account my cheap video capture card?.. Plus the powerful noise reducing filter applied afterwards.
Oh, and didn't I forget to mention that audio is slightly desynchronized?..

Video format: 328x244 (although the original screen resolution was 320x200), DivX MPEG4 AVI with MP3 audio.

Clip #1: Zmey Gorynych engagement
normal (none)
compressed into shit (780К)
Note - he completely ignores denture missiles hitting him, but just one mushroom changes things dramatically... Clip ends with bombing to MS-DOS command prompt due to array overflow (too many explosions in too short time). But hey, MS-DOS is dead, and I'm dancing on its grave. Farewell, my 64Kb limit, and rest in peace!

Clip #2: shooting the fir trees
normal (4.4M)
compressed into shit (940K)
IMHO, the grass looks not bad. And explosions too. Clip ends with player killing self by point-blank shoot at the nearby spruce.

Ролик #3: drowning in the river
normal (4.6M)
compressed into shit (924K)
Shooting the ogres across the river with mushroom gun. Mushrooms trow ogres off-balance and they slip into the river and drown. Then player drowns. Unfinished: there are no splashing sounds from ogres, and player drowning sound is just plain stupid...

Clip #4: perversion
normal (3.1M)
compressed into shit (746K)
Ogre walks around and gropes the bondaged girls. The animation (standard attack) works wrong here, because the monster algorithms were in process of redesigning when I dropped the project. Ogre shouldn't continue to move when he attacks. Ends with killing the ogre with Magic Wand (he vanishes into thin air).


All screenshots made in 8-bit (256-color) mode, because Windows just can't capture screen in the more colorful 320x200x16...

Basic monster - an ogre, and basic melee weapon - the frying pan.


Basic missile weapon - the mushroom gun. (Such way, ammo scattered all arould looks much more realistic) And very nasty thing: mushrooms ricochet from anything but monsters, and yoh can easily kill yourself if use this gun in closed areas, he-he...


More powerful weapon - the dragon's dentures. Too short range but really devastating. Note the massive multi-sprite explosion - in dynamics it looks much more impressive than on this screenshot.


And most deadly (and funny) weapon - the magic wand. It's a melee weapon, but it exterminates any monster in one touch. Ogres vanish into thin air or t urn to mushrooms (which you later can pick as ammo for mushroom gun), spruces turn to cristmas trees, cheburashka-mutants (there's noone of them on these screenshots) turn to stone statues, and naked women turn to dressed ones.


Landscapes consist of absolutely flat  ground with sprite trees rocks and rivers scattered on it. All building are made from sprites too...


Getting into water leads both player and monsters to imminent drowning - just look at these ogres shoot off the river shore.
The last picture - player drowning in quicksands ("You're dead")

The endboss - Zmey Gorynych (Russian three-headed dragon). Note, that only heads ale vulnerable and only to mushrooms! His own fire missiles as well as those from yor dragon-dentures just don't affect him!
Note also that initially he just randomly wanders around, ignoring the player - but after first mushroom hits, the musical theme from "Terminator" plays as Gorynych engages you.
The only way to kill him - circle-strafe and shoot from behind (he turns slowly).
Plus, full ammo load (66 mushrooms without cheats) isn't enough to finish him off - so you need to interrupt somewhere in the process and go find more mushrooms.
He just smashes anything on his way - the lesser monsters, trees, player...


...And last screenies on this page show us the elements of psychodelics and BDSM...


That's all, folks!